Calculate how much you can take a loan

If you want to buy a house, buy a car, have a refurbishment done or just when you need some extra money, then you will most likely start looking at the possibility to borrow money.

 Calculate your loan yourself: tips

It is nice when you know what amount you have to think about. How much money do you need in total for what you want to do? How much of that amount should you borrow? How much can you borrow in your personal situation? And how much does a loan cost exactly? If you can get a good picture of the amounts, you help to make the right decision and find a cheap loan . You can calculate your loan relatively easily yourself. Below we tell you how you can calculate your loan yourself and what you need to take into account.

How much you can borrow? Calculate yourself

If you are somewhat familiar with the rules and percentages that a lender uses for a particular type of loan, then you can of course already make an estimate for yourself. For example, you can estimate the maximum purchase price of a house if you know what maximum mortgage you can get and that the maximum purchase price is usually just over 90 percent of that amount. The easiest option is to use one of the online calculation tools to calculate your loan yourself.

Many calculation tools for loans can be found on the internet. There are independent calculation tools and some lenders have a calculation tool on their website. With such a calculation aid you can, for example, calculate a number of data to calculate what you can borrow for the purchase of a new car. There are also calculation assistants that can even give you an indication of the maximum amount that you can expect from mortgage with a mortgage lender. And with other calculation tools you can check again what a small minilening you will eventually have cost if you have repaid and paid everything.

Calculate your loan yourself: tips

When you calculate your loan yourself, you have to take into account a number of things:

  • Different calculation tools use different ways to come to an amount. For example, with some calculation tools you only have to indicate what your income is and how much you want to borrow; with other calculation tools you have to enter some more data. The more extensive the number of data you have to enter, the more accurate the calculation tool is. If you consult multiple calculation assistants, you often get a more reliable picture of the margin you have to think about than if you only use one calculation tool.
  • Keep in mind that calculating your loan yourself is never as accurate as a detailed offer from the relevant lender. Certainly in calculating a mortgage, for example, so many factors can weigh up that a simple calculation tool can not possibly take all those things into account. Consider the outcome of such a calculation aid only as an indication and keep in mind that the actual amounts can sometimes go higher or lower.
  • And, finally, the most important tip we can give you for calculating your loan yourself: Never enter, but never, too personal data if you are asked to do so on a website. For an indication of the amount that you can borrow and what a loan you are going to charge, a website really does not have to know who exactly you are so data if your name and address are irrelevant. If you are asked for bank details, then you certainly know that you are dealing with a malicious website. In such a case, do not enter any data and report the relevant website to Google and / or other search engines. That said, by far the most online calculation assistants are completely reliable in that respect and an excellent tool to calculate your loan yourself. If you do not enter certain data, then you do not run any risk.