How to get loan for the holiday

Many who go dreaming of great cities and the sun and heat of the south choose to take out a loan to finance the holiday.


A holiday loan is a very common loan that you can take with the bank, with an online loan provider or through the travel company. Being able to borrow through the travel companies is a relatively new thing in Denmark, but is something that the travel companies are benefiting from, as many travel enthusiasts appreciate the flexible payments.

But what type of vacation loan is best and cheapest for you if you want to go out in the big world?

The obvious choice for is a bank loan, where you usually get the cheapest offers and the best interest rates. Unfortunately, it becomes increasingly difficult and harder for the average to take out loans at the bank, as the requirements for borrowers are becoming increasingly stringent. If you therefore consider borrowing from the bank, it is an advantage if you have already been an existing customer for a longer period, as the bank will clearly prefer this. If you also have previously borrowed from the bank and you have complied with your loan agreements, you will probably also find that there is a greater chance that you would be approved for a loan now through the bank.

Another solution that appreciate to a great extent if they do not have the opportunity to borrow from the bank are the popular internet and mobile loans.

These loans can sometimes be a bit more expensive than a regular bank loan in the end, but since it is much easier to get a loan through the web and you usually get the opportunity to customize the payment period as you see fit, a quick loan is on The net is an obvious solution for many consumers. A clear advantage of an online loan is also the flexibility of the loan – if you borrow online you rarely have to document what you need the money for, and you can largely decide how much you want to borrow and withdraw with a month.

And the latest solution in the market is loans through the travel company itself, which is becoming increasingly popular. However, this is usually only a solution if you are borrowing money for a charter holiday, and therefore do not suit you who are going on a round trip or want to adapt your own journey on their own. More and more travel companies in Denmark, however, now give you the opportunity to pay the trip in one year before you have to travel – this means that you usually deduct a fixed amount per month, and after 12 months you have paid the trip out and ready to go! Good holiday!