Personal loan for your home

Request a homeowner personal loan.

Below we list the features for you:

  • Especially for home owners
  • Fixed low interest rates
  • Remit extra free when you wish
  • The duration is between 6 years and a maximum of 10 years (72 to 120 months)
  • You can borrow an amount from € 10,000 up to € 75,000.
  • With these forms of lending, you do not have to go to the notary as with a 2nd mortgage and there is no need for an official appraisal report of your home.

The advantage of lower interest rates

The Personal loan offers home owners the benefit of a lower interest rate compared to an “ordinary” personal loan. Unlike lower interest rates, there are no differences between a Personal loan or a standard Personal loan.

Interbank “Housing benefit financing”

The House benefit financing from Interbank has a term of 120 months. You can apply for this loan form from an amount of € 10,000 up to € 75,000. The term therefore remains fixed at 120 months.

The interest is fixed for the first 60 months . In this period you have a fixed low interest rate and monthly installment. The monthly installment for this form of loan consists of interest and repayment. The interest may change after the first 5 years. Interbank will then charge a new interest rate for the remaining 5 years that are still open until the loan has been repaid. It may therefore be that your monthly installment for the last 5 years is slightly higher or lower.

“Homeowner Personal loan”

The Homeowner Personal loan from has more options in terms of duration. For example, you can opt for a term from 6 months up to a maximum of 120 months. You can take out this loan from an amount of € 10,000 up to a maximum of € 75,000.

Maintenance, adjustment or renovation of your own home

This Personal loan is suitable, among other things, for maintenance, adjustment or renovation of your own home; such as a garden or kitchen. If you want to use the loan for this, the interest is deductible from your income for the income tax.