Request a personal loan – Low interest from 3.9%

A Personal loan can offer a solution when you are facing a large expense.

 You can apply for a loan online

Maybe you are ready for a new kitchen or you want to redecorate your garden. A Personal loan offers you the certainty of a fixed monthly installment, interest and term . Personal loans are mainly concluded to finance a (one-off) major expense. You can think of a car, caravan or conversion or the aforementioned kitchen.

You can apply for a loan online

The big advantage of a Personal loan is that it ensures security . In this way you know exactly in advance how much you are borrowing and also at what interest rate you are borrowing. You also do not come across any unpleasant surprises with regard to the term of the loan and your monthly monthly installment.

You can use a Personal loan to match the expected life of your spending target, such as a car, to the term of the loan. The durations vary from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 180 months. You can apply for a personal loan completely online .


  • You borrow a fixed amount once
  • You borrow at a fixed rate
  • You pay a fixed monthly installment for interest and repayment
  • You will receive a fixed term
  • You know in advance where you stand
  • And you can repay the loan at any time without penalty

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With us you can request a Personal Loan without any obligations. You request one or more offers in 2 steps. You decide for yourself which banks and with what term. There are no extra costs involved. For example, with us you do not pay any closing or advisory costs. Clear, clear and clear.

Early repayment? Can be penalty-free and at any time!

Do you still want to repay early in spite of the fixed term? That is no problem with a new personal loan to be taken out. If you already have a personal loan, it may be that in certain situations, according to the terms of the contract, additional costs are involved. Look here for more information.

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Borrowing money is an important financial decision that you generally commit for a longer period. We therefore advise you to take the time and to study the various possibilities and offers extensively. Do you have questions, no problem we are happy to assist you!