Request cheap loans

Whether you want to save on your current loan or take out a new loan, borrowing money always costs money!

However, we keep the costs as low as possible. With us you do not pay any advice or closing costs so you can borrow at the lowest possible cost.

How does it work?

With us you can borrow money in 4 steps:

Step 1 : You request your Quote online.

Step 2 : You will receive an e-mail from us in which we provide insight into your loan possibilities, this is done in the form of one or more offers. Depending on your own wishes.

Step 3 : You can study the “offers” and determine if it suits you. You make a choice out of the possibilities.

Step 4 : You return the signed quotation and you receive the money on your account.

More information about our working method can be found on this page .

Exchanging a loan?

When is it interesting for you to transfer your loan? This question depends in part on your wishes and on part of the interest and conditions that you now have on your current loan. Read more about the conversion of loans on the next page .

Compare loan

There are basically two different loan types to compare with each other. This concerns the Personal loan and the Continuing loan. See here the complete equation.

Borrow Extra Money

Of course it can happen that you are confronted with a setback, the car breaks down, the costs of a renovation are more expensive or an expensive device breaks down. Then you may need extra financial space. Borrowing money can then be a solution. Read more about borrowing money on the next page .

Can I borrow money?

Whether you can borrow money depends on several factors. These factors together determine the price – or the interest – that you pay for lending money. On the basis of your personal situation and the desired loan amount, an estimate is made of what you can borrow. Read here if you are eligible for a loan

Request your quote!

Do you have a certain amount in your head that you want to borrow? And do you want to know what you are paying for repayment and interest per month? Then you can request a quote free of charge and without obligation. Mail credit then sends you an e-mail with an overview of the quotation options.